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Recon By Fire: Axis Minors at War (Special Edition)

Number: 3




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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

This issue is a comprehensive look at the variety of Axis Minors that fought in WWII, and is an absolute must supplement to Armies of Oblivion from MMP. It includes 20 scenarios with a variety of Nationalities battling each other: Romanians vs Hungarians, Romanians vs Russians, Rom/Russians vs Hungarians, Romanians vs Germans, Bulgarians vs Germans, Slovaks vs Partisans, and Rom/Germans vs Russians. Four articles detail the Hungarian Army, Romanian Army, Hungarian Paratroopers, and Bulgarian Armored forces. There are 8 scenario analyses which analyze scenarios from this issue as well as AoO.

The content includes:

20 scenarios
Historical articles on the Armies and OoBs of some of the Axis Minors
Numerous analyses on both RBF3 and AOO scenarios

The scenarios are:
RBF-19: ROMANIAN MARINA; Hokovti, Romania; 26 June 1941
RBF-20: AMATEURS AT WAR; South of Brinzeni, Basarabia, Russia; 5 July 1941
RBF-21: MASSIF ASSAULT; Calarasi, Basarabia, Russia; 14 July 1941
RBF-22: BREAKING THE MASSIF; Chisinau, Basarabia, Russia; 16 July 1941
RBF-23: ROMANIAN HOLIDAY; Hokovti, Russia; July 17 1941
RBF-24: MEETING AGAIN; Karpovo, Russia; 18 August 1941
RBF-25: ODESSA SQUEEZE; Odessa, Russia; 22 September 1941
RBF-26: FLATFOOTED CAVALRY; Akimovka, Russia; 26 September 1941
RBF-27: ROMANIAN PANZERS; Near the River Zariza; 20 November 1942
RBF-28: BREAKTHROUGH!; Near Petrovka, Russia; 22 November 1942
RBF-29: BLOCKED ESCAPE; Krasnoiarovka, Russia; 23 November 1942
RBF-30: STALINGRAD SOUTH; Stalingrad, Russia; 31 November 1942
RBF-31: GERMAN RESCUE; Bolshaia Donschinka, Russia; 24 November 1942
RBF-32: MOUNTAIN CROSSMARCH; Caucasus Mountains, North of Nalchik, Russia; 25 October 1942
RBF-33: BROUGHT LOW IN LOJEV; Road to Lojev, Yugoslavia; 8 November 1942
RBF-34: BLOODY HILL; Northwest of Oarba de Mures, Transylvania; 24 September 1944
RBF-35: VAKAREL; Vakarel, Bulgaria; 7 September 1944
RBF-36: FIZZLED FURY; Northeast of Kletsk, Belorussia; 3 July 1944
RBF-37: THE FANGS OF TRANSYLVANIA; Apahida, Romania; 11 October 1944
RBF-38: NO QUARTER AT CLUJ; Cluj, Romania; 11 October 1944

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