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Recon By Fire

Number: 4




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Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Recon by Fire: Issue 4

14 scenarios
Countersheet with 176 corrected counters
Applicable Chapter H
DASL map BF1
DASL Rubble overlays
APC Player Aid v2
Several articles
This issue focuses on the German use of captured Russian vehicles; however, a variety of scenarios are included.

The following scenarios for ASL are included:
RBF39: THEY REALLY KNOW HOW TO DIE; 14 September 1939; Brochow-Solchaczew, Poland
RBF40: KING'S GAMBIT; 9 April, 1940; Copenhagen, Denmark
RBF41: VATUTIN'S RIGHT HOOK; 14 July, 1941; Sol'sty, Russia
RBF42: KEYSTONE BEFORE MOSCOW; 26 November, 1941; Istra, Russia
RBF43: BLOOD FACTORY; 24 October, 1942; Stalingrad, Russia
RBF44: STEELINGRAD; 26 October, 1942; Stalingrad, Russia
RBF45: LONE BRIDGE OVER THE VOLGA; 14 October, 1941; Kalinin, Russia
RBF46: TEMPEST AT TOMBE; 1 July, 1943; Tombe Village, New Georgia, Solomon Islands
RBF47: SPLITTING THE SEAM; 30 July, 1944; Sept-Vents, France
RBF48: THE NARROW FRONT; 13 October, 1944; Würselen, Germany
RBF49: FROM BAD TO WÜRSELEN; 15 October, 1944; Würselen, Germany
RBF50: A PERFECT MATCH; 25 December, 1944; Foy-Notre Dame, Belgium
RBF51: FINAL GLORY; 3 May, 1945; Lampertswalde, Germany
RBF52: CHOU EN-LAI'S PROMISE; 6 October, 1945; Along the Tientsin-Peiping Road, China

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