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Struggle for Stalingrad

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New Copy, has rusty staples  from long-term storage.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.47 Nov 1985


Struggle for Stalingrad (by Chris Baslund)

Struggle for Stalingrad is a small game on the German's attempt to take Stalingrad from Sept.-Dec. 1942.

- 100 counters,
- 17" x 22" map (areas - including special strongpoints, no hexes)
- eight pages of rules

Includes some fog of war, as Soviet unit values are hidden until they are assaulted.


Struggle for Stalingrad - C.Baslund
- Designer's notes, Combat examples

Aces High (3W)
= Replay - K.Poulter, C.Nielsen

Cobra (SPI): Some Venom
- Game review - T.Bomba

The First Turn
- Strategy in GDW's A House Divided - B.Medrow

Battlewagon (Task) Revisited
- Game review, example of play - J.Gordon

- Air Cav (WEG) - J.Burtt
- Monty's D-Day (S&T-102) - P.Perla

Mightier Than the Sword
- Book reviews

G2 / Hobby News - S.Maskell

Home Front
- News from 3W - K.Poulter

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