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Tank Chess: Fun Set expansion Pocket Edition




Price £11.95

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      WW1      Family Games     


Many different types of tanks and new types of obstacles give a new dimension to Tank Chess. All the basic rules and strategies from the core game remain the same, but with the expansion, there are a lot of new details and possibilities to think about. The expansion is followed by a brochure with many different terrain configurations, and on top of that, players can create and publish their own terrain schemes and thus contribute to the overall quality and popularity of the game. Long-term, fun is guaranteed.


Pocket version has small dimensions making it suitable for travelling and takes less space for storing. Pieces are 3D-printed.



- Box 11 x 13 x 1,5 cm (4 x 5 x 0,5 in)


- 44 tank pieces


- 24 flags/antennas


- 76 obstacles


        6 white (Low obstacles)


        12 transparent green (Hedges)


        12 transparent yellow (Mud)


        16 transparent blue (Water)


        20 green discs (Trees)


        10 red discs (Mines)


- 2 special notepads (for RC mines)


- 2 reference sheets


- Rules


- Brochure

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