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The Mediterranean: Desert War 1940-1945

Number: 3




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Theme:      WW2      Damaged     

Very Good Condition Unpunched Copy. There are signs of shelf-wear from long term storage. These include: minor foxing/grubbiness to one chart, both rules booklets have rusty staples and there is some slight damage to one corner of the game box. The game box remains intact and fit for purpose.

This is the third and final volume in Robert Beyma's Struggle for Europe series. While the game includes a Desert War scenario, the main use of this game is to complete the Struggle for Europe theme by including the campaign and naval rules which enable owners of Mediterranean, War Without Mercy and Brute Force to play a number of large campaign scenarios (included in The Mediterranean).

Scenarios included in this product include "Fall Blau" (1942 scenario); "1939-1941 Campaign" scenario; "1943-1944 Campaign" scenario; "1939-1945 Campaign" scenario; and the "Desert War" scenario.

One 11" x 30" and one 11" x 22" map sheets mate lengthwise to cover from the Tunisia-Libya border in the west to Tehran in the east. The maps mate with the prior series maps. Two sheets of sturdy die-cut counters (560 total, in multiple colors) provide pieces for numerous minor powers, the major navies, additional land and air combatants for the major powers and markers for use in the Campaign scenarios.

The new Scenario Book incorporates Series errata. The new 3rd Edition Struggle for Europe Series Standard Rules are also included in the bookcase box.

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