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Top Cover: Whistling Death Expansion #1 - Spitfires Over Darwin




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Australia’s Pacific Air War: In a one-sided fight over Rabaul on January 20th, 1942, Japanese Zeros annihilated a small force of RAAF Wirraway armed-trainers, which were all that stood between Japanese air power and Northern Australia. Little bothered by the smattering of slow climbing American P-40 fighters subsequently rushed to the area, high flying Japanese planes raided the Northern Territories an average of four times a month during 1942.

This changed dramatically in early 1943 when the rapidly expanding RAAF deployed an entire wing of British built Spitfires to Darwin. Led by Australian ace Clive “Killer” Caldwell, the Spitfires quickly and forcibly confronted the Japanese. At this same time, the RAAF fielded another famous British fighter, the long-range, twin engine Beaufighter. These fast, ten-gun behemoths had an offensive role, ranging far and wide to attack Japanese bases and shipping as far away as Timor, Rabaul and all of New Guinea. Mid-1943 also saw the deployment of the Boomerang to New Guinea. This nimble homegrown fighter, though lacking in air combat ability, proved excellent as a ground support plane. Thus, whether defending the north, sweeping the seas or bombing bunkers, Australian aircrews and their planes, were a decisive factor in reversing the Japanese fortunes of war in 1943.

Top Cover No.1: This is the first Fighting Wings game system expansion to be produced. This module explores the contribution of the Royal Australian Air Force to the fighting in the South Pacific in 1942 and 1943. You will need to own Whistling Death to fully access many of the scenarios contained herein.

The Module includes the following:

Four New Allied Aircraft - CAC Wirraway, CAC Boomerang, RAAF Spitfire Mk.V and the RAAF Beaufighter Mk.VIc.

Four New Japanese Aircraft – H6K4 Mavis, Ki.45 Nick, Ki.46 Dinah and a revised Ki.43 Oscar-II.

One die cut counter sheet with 140 counters, featuring the new aircraft and additional game markers.

One Top-View Operational Scale map of the Darwin area of Australia.

Thirty new air-to-air and air-to-ground scenarios for Whistling Death.

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