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Wings of the Motherland: the Air War Over Russia 1941-1945




Price £134.95
Game Series
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Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

Fighting Wings game system (Volume 4) goes to the Russian front, modelling aircraft and situations from the German invasion of Russia in the Summer of 1941 to the fall of Berlin in 1945. 48 new aircraft ADCs (very few duplicates from previous games and if so these are updated with better information), two double sided maps for four unique playing surfaces and two full counter sheets of air and ground units, one half counter sheet of ships and play-aid counters, plus the third edition rules and player aids for the Fighting Wings system.

This game builds on the Whistling Death game Fighting Wings rules. All Whistling Death errata is incorporated and subtle changes make this sophisticated system easier to use.

250 scenarios planned, showing evolution of fighter combat, close air support and the low altitude air war that was the Russian front's primary characteristic. Much more emphasis on air-to-ground than in previous series. A number of air naval scenarios as well.


280 Aircraft Counters (1/2 " square)

280 Ground Unit Counters (1/2 " square)

70 Ship & Play Aid Counters (1/2 " x 1")

2 Game Maps (34" x 22", front and back printed)

1 Game Map (11" x 17")

1 Rule Book

1 Rules Supplement (examples of play)

1 Scenario Book

1 Aircraft and Ship Data Card Book

1 Play Aids Booklet

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