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Panzer Grenadier: Winter Soldiers




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In December 1944, a massive German attack struck American lines in the Ardennes forest of eastern Belgium. Achieving local surprise, the Germans pushed forward in what became known as the “Battle of the Bulge” until the Americans rallied and drove them back. The battle became known as a tremendous feat of American arms.

Twice before the Panzer Grenadier series has addressed this enormous battle: Battle of the Bulge covered the fighting on the southern flank of the battle, including the epic stand at Bastogne. Elsenborn Ridge looks at the northern flank, with the heroic stand at St. Vith and the “Twin Villages” among its scenarios. But there were some important actions that could not be included in either game: the SS units are in Elsenborn Ridge, and so Battle of the Bulge does not include the SS attacks on Bastogne. Likewise, the river terrain is in Battle of the Bulge, so Elsenborn Ridge has no scenarios for Battle Group Peiper’s attempts to get across the Ambleve and Salm rivers.

Winter Soldiers fixes that. Mike Perryman has designed 30 (thirty!) new scenarios from the Battle of the Bulge, drawing on the maps and pieces from Battle of the Bulge and Elsenborn Ridge. No other games or supplements are required to play every scenario.

Along with the new scenarios, Winter Soldiers includes a detailed campaign game by Dave Murray, Steadfast and Loyal, tracing the 4th Infantry Division's drive from Utah Beach to Wurzburg. It’s a piece of Panzer Grenadier that you can take into the bathtub with you (but only if you want to).

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